Tuesday, September 06, 2005

my last semester of college chapter 1. in which i discuss the possibility of learning one damn thing in class tomorrow.

so tomorrow i begin the last semester of my undergraduate career at eastern michigan university. it's been a long and often less than dedicated career, but alas, it will come to an end in december, at which time i will find myself 27 years old, moderately well-read, and very likely not qualified for any job other than the one i have now--the same one i've had for nine years, bartending.

if i were actually the queen of the world, you can bet this would not be the case.

but these are musings for another entry.
for now, let's discuss the task at hand.

i must go to class tomorrow. and for the next four months i have to continue to go to class very, very many times. i'm sure that in some of these instances i will learn something--but tomorrow? probably not.

the problem is, the building in which i attend most of my classes is virtually a 7 story basement with minimal ventilation. i've heard rumors that the place actually is equipped with both heat and air conditioning--but i've never witnessed any evidence that this might be true.
unless the people in charge really are complete idiots--a thought that has crossed my mind--and they run the heat in the summer and the air in the winter.
i swear sometimes this really seems to be the case.

the point is, tomorrow it will be at least eleventy-billion degrees in this building, and i will be incapable of doing anything other than wallow in my own sweating misery.


the moral of the story?
if i were in charge of the world all my classes would be held in an air conditioned bar. in vegas--it's impossible to want to fall asleep there. and students would be able to earn extra credit by playing video poker.


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