Tuesday, October 24, 2006

and now for another something completely different

on sunday, i went to the world series.
it was awesome on many different levels.

today, i am sick, so i will be watching the game at home.

what does this mean for you?
live world series blogging, that's what!

and not just that, but live world series blogging from someone who is definitely not a baseball expert.
so, maybe this will be funny.
and maybe it won't.
i just don't know yet.

anyway, time for me to get settled in...
more in a few minutes.
so, since i've been gone i've cooked a pot of homemade chicken and vegetable soup and made some garlc bread.
i also watched one and a half really fast innings of baseball.
this whole live posting thing is going to go a lot better if something interesting starts to happen.
(and, yes, i know some people will argue that nothing interesting EVER happens in baseball. but i bet they're not from detroit, or st. louis.)

two innings done now, still no score.
the announcer just said it was a good start for nate robertson, our pitcher.
but--i don't know.
does it make me a bad tigers fan if robertson makes me nervous?

brandon innnnnnnge!!!
yay for you on first base!
well, i almost had something really exciting to blog after sneaky brandon inge made his way to third base, and robertson had a successful at-bat.
but no.
another half inning over.
ok, now time for the 4th inning, with monroe, polanco, and 'my tiger' magglio ordonez coming up to bat.
i'm hoping sometime in this inning i'll here the announcer say my favorite thing to hear during tigers games... here come the tigers!!!
i guess we'll see.
although, for some reason i feel like the tigers often turn up the volume in the 4th inning, so i'm REALLY hopeful.
b.g. wants to know why everyone says craig monroe's name wrong.
the announcer keeps saying it weird, but i can't think of a way to spell it so that you'll know what i'm talking about.

so, i guess that was pointless. but still, it's pissing us off. kind of like how the announcers mistakenly referred to the tigers as the white sox three times at the beginning of sundays game. i mean, i know everyone is all surprised that the tigers are in the world series, but, if you're announcing the game i would think you could get the teams straight. there are only two. it really shouldn't be that difficult.
well, i guess if you're a cardinals fan you might say something interesting is going on now. they have men on 2nd and 3rd and no one out.
personally, i think it sucks.

oh, good. here comes jim leyland to talk to our pitcher.
oh, i'm sorry. did i say there were 2 men on and no one out?
my bad.
while i was typing, the bases magically became loaded.
still no outs.

now please excuse me while i go have a stroke.
now it's 2-0, the cardinals.
but magically the bases are loaded again with only one out, because we just walked molina. which i guess maybe we had to do, but which is not helping me to stop having a stroke.
ok, thank god that craptastic inning is over with no more runs scored. the stroke has subsided, for now, and i will sit here and think positive thoughts about my boys showing up behind the plate in the 5th.
um, did i say 5th?
i meant i'm hopeful that my tigers are going to show up in the 6th. because their chances of scoring in the 5th are now over.
hey! wouldn't it be fun if i could liven this post up by showing you some pictures of me being THE HAPPIEST PERSON OF ALL TIME at the game on sunday?
too bad i left my thing-thing that attaches the camera to the computer at work.
i know some of you might think it's crazy to say that going to a world series game could make you THE HAPPIEST PERSON OF ALL TIME.
but, seriously. if you lived in the detroit area all these years, you might be able to understand a little bit.
plus, keep in mind that i don't have any kids or anything. so, you know, lacking the knowledge of the joy that it must be to actually create a new human life, i have to say going to the world series was pretty sweet.
i am also rather happy that joel zumaya is warming up in the bullpen right now.
strawberry popsicles are good.

the tigers being scoreless in the 7th, however, is not so good.
the best thing about watching the game from home, aside from the pajama wearing, is that i can change the channel when they sing 'God Bless America' during the 7th inning stretch.
not that i want america to be un-blessed or anything. i mean, i do live here, as does literally every person i love in the whole world. but that song just makes me think about war, for some reason. i think it's because we started singing it every 5 minutes after 9/11, and since 9/11 there's been a lot of--um, war. so, it's totally not the song's fault.
but, i'm trying to watch baseball, not get all depressed thinking about political stuff. so, yeah. i just watched friends for a minute and it was much better.
um, who is this guy wearing the zumaya jersey? i think maybe we have an imposter, because normally i don't have to have a stroke like this when a closer is pitching unless todd jones is on the mound.
not that todd jones is bad. he's kinda similar to robertson, actually. they both manage to get the job done most of the time, they just give you a stroke in the process. it's never quite clean. they let it slip until you think you are going to die (i actually had to turn my back to the field at the end of the last game. i just couldn't watch.) and then they get it done.
so, did zumaya just suffer a major world series meltdown, or what? he's one guy that we never have to worry about. i feel bad for him now.
god i love sean casey. did you know that at comerica park they play pearl jam every time he comes up to bat? it rules.
it also rules that we actually have someone on base with less than 2 outs.
double-plays suck ass.
i still love sean casy though. and i'm sad that he probably won't be a tiger next year.
this is the worst game ever. but i bet michelle is loving it. she's there right now, and that's awesome. you know, aside from the fact that she's cheering for the wrong team.
well, i'll be darned.
the bases are loaded again, and pujolz is up to bat. this would be really fun if i was a cardinals fan.
but, i'm not.
so i'm pretty sad right now.
also, my nose is runny, my ears hurt, and i can't stop sneezing.
pudge just took a fouled ball to the nether-regions. he doesn't seem to be enjoying himself much at the moment. poor little guy.
i think it's fun to walk people when the bases are loaded.
now the cardinals only need one more out to win. this is the part where i'm gald that i'm blogging and doing other internet related things. i just go to my happy place (read: ebay? bobbi brown.com? myspace?) and try to pretend this isn't happening.
game over.
we lose.

although, there is a little teeny part of me (the part that loves baseball in general, not the tigers loving part) that feels the tiniest bit glad for cardinals fan. how nice to win the first world series game ever in your new ballpark.
of course, the tigers loving part of me then counters with the fact that they also won the first ever world series game in OUR new(ish) ballpark. so, i don't feel THAT glad for them.

on a happier note, i just found a really fantastic coach bag.

goodnight all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

umm it's been a few minutes and i see nothing different.

8:25 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Ok wow, I actually could learn to like baseball if it were always in tiffany-random blog-form. Because seriously, this was a whole lot funnier and better than watching it myself.

4:36 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

He he...I just read this post and I like it! :0) You know I'm just giving you trouble, but I distinctly remember thinking these same things, but being rather happy about them! I do have to say I was wondering what in the world happened to Zumaya.

3:21 PM  

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