Wednesday, October 11, 2006

an open letter to 'anonymous'

dear anonymous,

a few posts ago, you left me a comment in which you said you would invite me to try something called 'vox.'
i'm not entirely sure what that thing is, but i think it has something to do with having a better blog.
also, invite only?
is that supposed to mean it's only for cool people?

i must be invited now!
what will all the other kids say if i show up to school with no 'vox'?

oh, wait.
sorry, i had a horrible junior high flash-back.

please invite me to your 'vox.'

tiffany (trying to fit in with the cool kids for 28 years)


Blogger Jen said...

That was me. I didn't mean to be anonymous... oops. Damn beta-blogger.

Anyway, I can invite you easy... I just need an email address from you to send it to.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

PS: Like Gmail, is still new and they're still deciding whether or not to make "other people" pay for it once it gets out of beta in the future (however, you get 5 invites at this time when you get signed up, and I have already invited myself twice). I guess it also keeps the riff-raff out? I dunno.

The reason I like it so far is that it's very easy to sort your media (photos, books, people, posts, audio, videos)... I have no idea why I need audio or video or books, but hey some people do post a lot of that stuff.

Also, there are over 150 really sweet templates, unlike blogger which has like 10 barely interesting templates. It's awesome because I don't wanna try and design my own or ever deal with the hacking/coding crapola.

2:25 PM  

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