Friday, October 06, 2006

in which i can't wait for tomorrow

one friday, back in june, i stayed home sick and watched a piston's playoff game by myself. they lost. i was sad.
when the game was over, i watched sportscenter for a while, because i was too tired to reach the remote. which was right next to me.
anyway, i wasn't really paying attention, and then all of the sudden i heard someone say the magical phrase 'next up, the winning-est team in baseball...' and i saw a picture of comerica park appear on the screen.

i thought i had hallucinated.
i mean, i went to opening day this year--in fact, i think i had been to three games by the beginning of june--but, the winning-est team in baseball? the detroit tigers?

it turned out to be true.
it stayed true for most of the summer.

it made going to the games more fun than it has ever been before.

and while we didn't end the regular season as 'the winning-est team in baseball,' we ended the regular season with more games to play.
in the playoffs.
for the first time in 19 years.

everyone was all gloom and doom after we lost game 1 to the yankees on tuesday.
'the yankees have a monster line-up...' blah, blah, blah.

i have an idea--let's ask justin verlander, joel zumaya, and todd jones* about the yankees 'monster line-up.'
because today, in yankee stadium, the 'monster line-up' had nothing on the tigers. zip, zero, zilch, nada, goose-egg, and what-have-you.

we won.
we won!
we beat the yankees in new york. the series is tied. the tigers will be back in detroit tomorrow. and yes, i know it's just a game. i know there are a lot of more important things going on in the world.
but i also know two girls who are pretty fucking excited right now, because
guess who has tickets to the first playoff game that will ever be played in comerica park?

that's right, bitches. we do.

*of course, i think the collective soul of tigers fans everywhere about shit it's pants when todd jones came into face the top of the yankees line-up in a game that we were only winning by one run.
when he let cabrera get to first, with two outs to go, i'm sure there were actually people crying.
when he came up against johnny-the-fucking-sellout-damon, with 2 outs down, i think actually had a stroke. especially thinking about that smug fucker derek jeter on deck.
when he got damon to a full count, i think i died a little.
i think detroit actually stopped breathing.
fickle tigers fans everywhere were cursing todd jones' name.

and then todd jones was all 'eat it, bitches. i'm not scared of no johnny damon.'
and we won.
and no one better ever say anything bad about him ever again, at least not until the next time he fucks up a win for us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you go girl! Cheer us on to game 4!

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