Friday, August 25, 2006

in which it's really not funny if it's happening to you

the bar that i work at has been under construction for the past 2 weeks.
we were completely closed for four days, but since then, we've been working in the half of the restaurant which is at least somewhat functional, while we wait for the bar side to be finished.

(here, finished = anything that doesn't involve the walls being painted. because the walls are mostly finished. not completely, mind you. but, you know. mostly)

here is what the 'bar' we've been working from for the past week looks like.

um, yeah.

you might think that's pretty bad.
but that's only because i haven't told you that i'm at work as we speak, managing (managing = babysitting the restaurant to make sure it doesn't burn down or something because neither one of my bosses could be here today), and one of my bosses just called to tell me to make sure our 'real' bar was open tonight.
this is what our 'real' bar currently looks like.

he asked me to set two long pieces of wood on top of the bar's frame, so people could sit there and drink tonight.

sitting on bar stools that sit on a torn up, nails sticking out of, full of holes and sawdust and other disgusting stuff floor.

he didn't say what i should do with that kid in the yellow shirt, who was about to start trying to tile the floor.

nor did he throw out any ideas about what i could do with that big table saw, or any of the other eleventy hundred thousand tools and whatnots that are lying around.

i'm going to go do a shot now.

have a good weekend, everyone!


Anonymous Blur said...

love it tiff! thanks for making me chuckle, but still miss the arena!

2:29 AM  

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