Thursday, August 17, 2006


zero is a number that can be used to describe all kinds of crazy things that are going on in my life right now.

for example:

how many dollars have i made at work this week?


how much cable/internet access do i have available at my home?

zero, because the zero dollars have made it difficult to pay the cable bill.

sadly, despite the zero dollars i have made, i cannot say that i have worked zero hours.
oh, no.
ever since sunday night, i have been furiously scrubbing, priming, and painting the (actually quite huge) bar and restaurant where i normally make my money.

at the moment, the bar is closed, and is being completely remodeled.

which soon will equal amazing money goodness.
but which, for now equals all kinds of zero.

i'm not really sure if i'm going to get paid for all this painting, or not. still, i must do it, because it is in my best interest that the bar re-open as soon as possible.
my mom has even come in to help us out, because she is very smart, and she realizes that both of her daughters making zero dollars for too long equals her paying far more rent/bills than she would care to.

i would like to tell you something like:
never fear! despite the non-existent internet access at my house, i will not forsake you! i will find a way to blog about my adventures in the land of zero-ness!*

but that would probably be a lie.
mostly because of what happened today.

me, downstairs in the office of the place where i 'work' (read, paint all day long for no pay) checking my email while i wait for the thing my boss asked me to print to be done printing.

my boss: (walking into the office) hey, how're you enjoying the free internet access.

me: well, it's a lot better than the no internet access that i have at home, since my cable just got shut off.

my boss: oh, and i guess that's my fault?

me: um, well. actually. yeah, it kinda is. because when you close the restaurant for a week without warning anyone, we knd of run out of money.**

*i say this as if you would care. i forsake you all the time, and you're doing fine.
**i did not actually say this out loud.


Anonymous Arizona Blonde said...

Glad to see that his holiness has not changed one little bit! You better get paid because free internet is just a drop in the bucket baby!

1:31 AM  

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