Friday, September 22, 2006

a post, for the sake of posting

all day yesterday, everytime i looked at my blog i got a sick nervous feeling. i do not like that last post! all full of real opinions and feelings and whatnot. i was sure that one of two things was about to happen:
1. some kind of secret CIA type people would be showing up at my door to take me to gitmo (fortunately, i already have several of you signed up to send me vodka in case i suddenly disappear), or 2. all of you (all, like, 6 of you!) would decide that i am a terrible person and stop reading my blog.*

anyhow, none of those things has happened. yet. so, i'm posting something else so that the other post is not the first thing that we see on my page. here we go...

another list of things that are pissing me off lately!!!

thing one: my friend sarah, who goes to U of M, recently pointed out to me that the young republicans club (or whatever they call themselves) at the university was planning an event called 'catch an illegal immigrant day.' the highlight of the event would be when a few of the students would 'dress up' as illegal immigrants, and then be chased around the campus by the other students in the club.
um. does anyone else find that absolutely disgusting?
i mean, how does one 'dress up' like an illegal immigrant? it makes me sick to my stomach.

thing two: the same club of brilliant future leaders also held an event called 'fun with guns.' this event consisted of the members setting up life size cut-outs of recognizable 'faces from the left,' and then taking turns shooting them with beebee guns in the middle of campus.
it seems a little dumb to me. i mean, i'm pretty liberal (an internet quiz actually told me that i'm a socialist), but i don't have a problem with guns, per say. it's more that i have a problem with the stupid things that people do with guns. like, you know, shoot people.
so, right on, young republican club. way to represent. i mean, if 'immature violence loving assholes' was what you were aiming for.

thing three: i have to stop writing now, because i have to get ready for work.

* i am sometimes a terrible person. but not always. and really, i think it makes for better blogging--or, funnier, at least.


Blogger Lori said...

I think you have to also include intolerant into the 'immature violence loving assholes' statement. I think that club needs a new faculty advisor-maybe one that actually thinks about events he/she is approving!

2:01 AM  
Blogger Pete said...

you are not the only one that is sick to their stomach after hearing about those events. though i find the "imigrant event" much worse. you should take the bb gun and chase the organizers.

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that is insane. I can't believe they can get away with something like that. Where are all the protests against this?!

I don't have MySpace, (lol about what you said about it on your comment) but I have heard about their privacy options so I know what you mean. I wanna stay with google for everything (geek fangirl) but this place Vox I checked out has such an awesome blogging service... so I dunno. I keep hoping Blogger will add and improve... we'll see.

P.S. Been reading your blog for a while not, it's really great!

10:14 PM  
Blogger tiffany said...

i've been thinking about moving my blog, either to typepad, or to vox.
the last couple of posts i've written would have been much better with the photos i planned to use, and yet, blogger will only sometimes publish my photos.

so, i have a conundrun.
all the better blogging places cost money.
as far as i can tell, only about 40 people read my blog.
only 12 ever comment.

so, should i spend the money?
i want to.

i want my blog to be better.

but, i also have a shopping problem.
so, you know, i have to keep myself in check.

shame on you for reading for so long and keeping quiet, you bad girl!

4:11 AM  

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