Saturday, December 30, 2006

holy. crap.

remember how i really wanted this new computer for christmas, but i was pretty sure that no one would buy it for me?

well, i was right.
no one bought it for me.

someone did give me a rather large chunk of money--totally unexpectedly--so, it looks like i'll be getting my christmas computer, after all.
i nearly peed myself, just thinking about it.

the same RIDICULOUSLY KIND GIFT, WHICH ALMOST MADE ME POOP MY PANTS WHEN I LAID EYES UPON IT, has also enabled me to finally return here, where i will throw my father's ashes into the ocean, from the same place his mother's ashes were scattered.

of course, being able to afford a trip to hawaii is something to be excited about any day. but, in this case, it REALLY REALLY REALLY means a lot. as you may know, my father has been gone for a little over two years.
without this MOST GENEROUS GIFT OF ALL TIME*, i really don't know when i would have been able to get his ashes to hawaii.

the gratitude that i feel for this gift is so overwhelming, i have been randomly bursting into tears about four or five times a day, for the past few days.

i almost couldn't even write this entry, because there really are no words that could ever adequately describe the gratefulness.
so, rather than go on and on into oblivion without ever really getting my point across, i'm going to wander over to expedia and look at airfares. and maybe pee my pants a little.
you never know.

i'm also going to use some of this money to upgrade my blog.
you know, like, leave blogger.
so if anyone could just tell me where the best place is, i'd appreciate it.
i have a lot of airfares to search, and a lot of crunches to do.
so it would be a great timesaver if someone would just tell me where to go.

plus, i can never make up my mind about anything anyway, and it's entirely possible that i could spend all my money before deciding what to do about my blog and then where would we be, internet? huh? answer me that!

*but, is it better than the french kiss from my four year old nephew?
that, my friends, is a tough call.


Anonymous ASFDKAJFSJA!!!!!!!!1 said...

What!!!! I want to go. ;__;

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Good for you! Enjoy your gift.

As for your blog, get hosted at AN Hosting, install Wordpress using their Fantastico script (will take mere seconds) find your self a funky theme & off you go (And you will be able to import your old blog).

If you want something more detailed, drop me a comment on my blog, & I'll email you the details.

Take care.

6:42 PM  
Anonymous b.mohawk said...

Hey that is great news. It may be closure in a sense. And that is good in any form. The form of a Hawaiian vacation is not bad at all.

3:03 AM  
Blogger Mikala said...

Wow...that really must have been a whoppin' chunk of money!

I love Hawaii! We stayed at the Outrigger Waikiki (on the beach). Gorgeous...just gorgeous.

2:37 PM  

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