Thursday, December 14, 2006

an open letter to santa

to: santa
from: tiffany, a mostly good girl
re: gifts

dear santa,

i have been a VERY good girl at least three days this year. and i was hardly ever a very bad girl. so, i think i deserve some presents.
here's what i want:

1. this and this and this and this and this and this, to help me keep my face looking young and beautiful.

ha! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
but, yeah. this is what my face looks like when i don't take care of it. (and also when i stand out in the cold drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, as i took this picture in the bathroom when i went to the world series). but anyway, seriously. as you can see, i need this shit.

2. this, just because i've really been wanting it for a long time.

3. these, because i look like an orphan, but i can't bring myself to retire my old ones. see below.*

4. and last, but not least, this thing, which i want so badly that i could not even begin to express it in words. and while i know that it is not possbile that i will ever own this machine of wonder without purchasing it for myself, i want it soooo badly, that i couldn't really imagine leaving it off the list. please excuse me while i sob for a moment.

ok, i'm back.

anyway, thanks for your time, santa.
you know i appreciate anything that you can do for me, and that i will ALWAYS leave you kahlua and cream with the cookies. fuck all that milk nonsense.


just in case some kind of miracle happens, i wouldn't mind having this, either. it is my favorite place on earth, after all.

*although, santa may be able to ignore this request because i know that it is driving my mother insane to know that her daughter is tromping all over town in such filthy boots, and it is highly likely that i will be getting a replacement from her.**

**and, speaking of her, look how pretty she made my new room.

ooooh. i likey.


Blogger Jen said...

Oooh, I likey too! Very cool room.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Mikala said...

You look so sad in that picture. However, after reading that it was taken at the World Series, I now know why ;0) Okay, sorry, I couldn't pass it up! Don't hate me.

You're room looks very nice and very big! Nice mommy!

2:48 PM  
Blogger stewchang said...

I miss living at home. The not being able to come and go as I please part, not so much. But the saving money, not paying for groceries, and constant love and attention part, I miss.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous BJ said...

hmm...those presents are all fine and dandy..however, the last one is my favorite! Because i know that if you receive that gift, i will graciously be included (or i better be). Your room, just so you know, isn't all that great. You know, that Mac computer might spice it up..but for now, it's JUST AVERAGE.

7:09 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

...i must say, i truly enjoy the arena t-shirt in the foreground of the picture. i'm glad to see your mommy made the big scary basement more homey for you...nicole

10:12 PM  
Anonymous PWT said...

Well...the lurker I mentioned earlier was going to post something (will wonders never cease?) but couldnt. Something about her password not being accepted on your site? (Now mine wont let me comment on your site EITHER! Grrrr..) Dunno, but she wants you to know that since I left her and Jules "high and dry" to move in with my BF, she has moved in with her mom. She says to tell you, BE. STRONG. ha!

11:21 PM  
Blogger tiffany said...

for the record, my siter bj is a jealous hater.

11:34 PM  
Blogger tiffany said...

sister, i meant.

11:36 PM  
Anonymous trashycamaro said...

Because you just know now that I read your blog, I feel the need to comment...

For those of you that live with makeup, this company is dedicated to making good products, without the thousands of dollars of marketing...

For some reason, the furry moonboots are in fashion in SoFla, but I cannot figure it out to save my life. Nothing like a mini skirt with furry boots in 85* weather!

Why would you ever want a Mac?? You can get the same stats for roughly 1/2 the pice in a PC...and then maybe someone could get it for you for xmas!

And if it helps, I am now living at home, too (alhough I do own another house, weird, huh?)

12:52 PM  
Blogger tiffany said...

what has become of us, trashy?

by the way, now that you're in miami again, and i've lost my travel partner to motherhood (can you believe that?) you'll definitely have to meet me down there.
i'm thinking soon-ish.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous trashycamaro said...

I thought you were moving down here??

5:07 PM  

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