Tuesday, December 05, 2006

i have a purse, too.

a while ago i noticed this thing 'going around' the blogosphere where people were revealing the contents of their purses, and i was all, 'cool! i have a purse! with stuff in it! i should do that, too!'

you may or may not have noticed that i never got around to it.

so, since i have nothing of any particular interest to say today, let me introduce you to my purse (and its contents).

i like my purse.
it is a coach purse, and that means that it is cool. in case you didn't know.
i like having a coach bag because i have somehow convinced myself that it is okay to go to the mall wearing my fleece pajama pants that are covered in POLAR BEARS, because as long as i'm carrying my coach purse, i 'have class.' or something.
the recent addition of a matching coach wallet may mean that i don't have to wash my hair anymore. it's a whole new world, people.

anyhow, here's what resides--in shambles, obviously--within the beautiful purse of wonder and classiness.

1. victoria's secret beauty rush lip gloss in passion fruit
2. bobbi brown lip stick in brownie
3. bobbi brown long wearing cream shadow in burnished
4. two contact cases
5. philosophy hope in a tube eye cream
6. a random pin for my hot rollers, which i was looking for this morning
7. twenty-seven pennies
8. a brush
9. a new coach wallet
10. which has no money in it, because clearly all of my money is randomly strewn throughout my purse in the most chaotic fashion imaginable
11. a receipt from kroger for oprah magazine, baked cheetos, diet vernors, skyy vodka, edy's ice cream, and glaceau smart water
12. xanax
13. a u.s. airways boarding pass for my littlest sister
14. one ziploc bag containing three necklaces and one container of burt's bees lip balm
15. one sam adams bottle opener
16. a dvd copy of a slide show my cousins and i made for our grandpa's 80th birthday on new year's in vegas last year
17. a tiny piece of orange yarn, cut from the hair of a raggety anne doll that my grandma made for me when i was 3 years old
18. back up deoderant, because i ALWAYS forget to put it on before i leave the house
19. the book i'm reading right now, under the banner of heaven
20. a random q-tip

and...that's it.
i think i've learned two lessons from this little experiment:
1, i have a lot of makeup, and therefore have no excuse for going out in public looking as ugly as i normally do, and 2, i really need to go to the bank more often.

*but not really.


Blogger stewchang said...

An exact transcript of my thoughts while reading your list: "Okay, okay, okay, I wonder if Vernor's-and-ice cream is any good?, okay, why the ziploc bag?, okay, okay, yarn--how cute, hey--I read that book!, and ewww: Q-tip."

I don't know why the thought of a random Q-tip provokes "ewww". Was it dirty?

6:08 PM  
Blogger tiffany said...

just dirty with purse filth.
it didn't appear to have been used or anything.
p.s. vernors and ice cream IS good, and the ziploc bag was for the airplane ride--some kind of new crazy rule they have.

6:54 PM  
Blogger PWT said...

The contents of your purse look the way I feel today...

9:14 PM  

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