Thursday, November 02, 2006

glossary of terms

so, i thought all of you were studiously laboring over my blog, reading each entry muliple times and taking notes.


so here's the deal:

it didn't occur to me until i'd had this blog for a while that maybe i shouldn't have told the internet what my actual name is, and where i live, and all that.
like, you know PWT, who's first on my links list? i've been reading her blog for over a year and i have no freaking idea what her name actually is. because she is smart.

anyway, the point is that i decided to give my friends nicknames when i talked about them here, so they wouldn't get mad at me for telling the internet their names.
this has worked with mixed results, because i'm sure that i have used their actual names many times.
i just try not to.

but, just to get you all caught up, b.g. is short for 'baby girl,' who is my roommate/best friend/pseudo-sister. and no, i did not give her that nickname. and no, i'm not going to tell you how she got it. b.j. is what we call my actual sister. and no, it's not short for 'blow job.' i've already said that my friend vinny is the big furry bear. i'm not protecting his identity--we just really think it's fun to say 'big furry bear.'
oh, and lamamala is my mother.
i actually call her mommala, but she is dumb and/or refuses to get it right, so she refers to herself as 'lamamala.'

anyway, this is all really pointless because i always slip and say people's real names. kind of like how i go out of my way to say i work at 'a sports bar in ann arbor,' but then i post a picture of myself wearing a shirt with the bar's logo on it, and sometimes even provide links to the bar's myspace.

but, come on.
you guys know i'm not terribly bright.
i think that's why you love me so damn much.


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