Sunday, December 31, 2006

because i wanted to have at least one more post in december

since i started blogging more frequently a few months ago, it makes me happy to look at my sidebar and admire how many posts i made each month.
i also like to look in the mirror and tell myself how pretty i am.

i'm kidding.

but, anyway.
i wanted to have another post in december, but i didn't want to actually, you know, write anything. so i did what any self-respecting blogger would do.

i went quiz hunting.

You scored as Portishead - Roads. When you heard this song for the first time, and come to think of it, the third, fourth and basically every other time, all your pain came swelling up inside you and there was so much it started seeping out of your eyes. oh, or you might just be an emo kid, if so, you'd better find this song. It'll break you into pieces.

Portishead - Roads


Radiohead - Creep


No Doubt - Don't Speak


Verve Pipe - The Freshman


Hanson Mmmbop


The Pixies - Where is my Mind


Which Classic 90's Song Are You?
created with

i thought this quiz was especially wonderful, because this actually is one of my favorite songs of all time.* and, the quiz didn't totally suck. like, you know how sometimes you know exactly what answer you're going to get, because the questions are so dumb?
this one wasn't like that.

so, anyway.
hooray for fun quizzes that give you answers you like!
or something.

*it's also one of the only songs that john and i both like. because, generally, he hates everything i like, and i hate everything he likes. except chinese food. we both like chinese food. and scrabble. but i think that's about it.


Blogger PWT said...

You dont look in the mirror and tell yourself how pretty you are? Honey, thats what all that pretty girls do. ;)

11:20 AM  

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