Saturday, January 06, 2007

and now for something completely different


dear youtube,

no, i don't want to watch a video of saddam hussein being hung.
but thanks for asking.



dear cnn,

i understand that you are frustrated that some people were able to sneak video cameras into the exectution of saddam hussein. i understand that these videos could potentially act as a catalyst for further violence and loss of life.
i'm with you, seriously.

but i think you might get your point across a bit more successfully if you weren't showing a loop of said video in the background, as you discuss, and discuss, AND RE-DISCUSSS THIS STORY INTO OBLIVION.


did you know that i have a degree, and that i'm currently wasting my life away as a bartender? it seems to me that you could use my services.
send airfare, and i'll be in atlanta straightaway.


Blogger stewchang said...

I agree -- there is no good thing that can possibly come from the video. Shi'ite mobs will feel even more bloodlusty, Sunnis will make Saddam a martyr, neocons will feel false victory, and liberals will continue to weep like Marys at the tomb. I feel sickened to think that the media has thought this snuff film fit to air.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Aimee's Walk said...

I found your blog! And, just promise you won't stop writing if you decide to go to law school. Smart, funny, and everything else I enjoy reading. I know you probably write just for you, but as a reader I can honestly I'm getting a lot out of it too.
FYI This is my 3rd blog I'm posting from so its neglected.

6:13 PM  

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