Sunday, January 21, 2007

a warning

so, i feel i should warn you guys that i feel a few political entries coming on.

last week i started thinking that i might 'live-blog' the state of the union address.
i mean, how fun would that be?
so that was kind of already on the burner, so to speak. add that to the fact that i've ALREADY heard my first (and second and third) blatantly sexist and crude remark regarding hillary clinton's announcement of a presidential run , and the fact that john finally came out and told me what he thought of the recent turnover of affirmative action here in michigan,* and yeah--that's quite a few political entries, all of which i'm itching to write RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.

so, before any of these entries appear, i would like to make it clear that i really have no idea what i'm talking about, most of the time. sure, i minored in political science, but that's mostly theory. if you want a summary of the republic or the leviathan or the social contract and how they did and did not shape our democracy, i'm your girl. i can also help with any essays concerning the romantic rebellion in britain, dickens, post-colonial literature, and postmodernism--most of the concepts of literary theory and lingistics can also be discussed in some detail. need an essay on something i haven't covered? well, of it's only a 100 or 200 level class, i can probably get you at least an A-minus. my bullshitting skills are NOT to be underestimated. seriously.**

anyway, the point is this (maybe)...

you might very well disagree with my 'political entries.'
here's a hint--if you like GWB and think he's doing a fine job as president, you will almost certainly not agree with me.
and i'm totally ok with that, if you are. i have plenty of friends who couldn't disagree with me more. in fact, i hear this statement at least once a week, 'oh tiffany, as soon as you actually have some money, you'll be a republican.'
which? i hope not. i mean, the fact that someone would make that statement basically emphasizes one of the main things that keeps me out of the republican category. but, whatever.

the thing is, if you disagree, or i say something that super pisses you off, just keep it in the back of your mind that i honestly do already know how big of an idiot i am. i am no sort of expert on any of the political things that i discuss--i only have opinions, not facts. there may be certain facts i can use to back up my opinions. but, likewise, there will be facts available to back up opposite opinions.

the universe is cool like that, you know?

i guess it could be best said that, my blog is called if i were queen of the world, not i am the queen of the world, now bow down before me, bitches.

so, anyway, yeah. i guess that's about it.
consider yourselves warned.

*as it turns out, john is totally glad that affirmative action was reversed in michigan in the mid-term elections. i suspected this before, but i didn't actually KNOW his opinion before last week, because john is very smart and he knows that when he disagrees with me, he isn't supposed to speak. anyway, last week we were listening to talk radio and i swore at the talker-guy for saying something about people whining about affirmative action, and john decided to 'school me' in why affirmative action is horrible. (his story, for he record, is that affirmative action is bad because you can't fight racism with racism. but, more on that later). my favorite part of the conversation was when he told me that he voted the way he knew i was going to vote, even though he didn't agree with it. now, people? i did not tell him to do that. but i do think it was mighty considerate of him, so i had to forgive him for otherwise being an asshole about the issue.

**i'm not proud of this (well, i am in some ways...) but, the semester my dad died, i had 18 credit hours. one of my classes was lit 450--recent trends in british and american literature. there were 22 novels on the syllabus, and i didn't read a single one of them. since then, i've read 18 of them, because i'm kind-of ridiculous like that. but, during the semester, i just couldn't do it. but i still got an A in the class, because i went everyday and listened to the class discussions and then wrote kick-ass essays. i never even had to tell my teacher what was going on with my dad. so, anyway, if you need some good bullshitting, just let me know. i'm available.


Blogger Mary Flannery-Scientist said...

You know...I don't think I've ever met a conservative blogger...

9:04 PM  
Blogger tiffany said...

hey mary--
i'd LOVE to check out your blog, but your profile says it's invite only.

so, you know, if you want to invite me, that would be fantastic.
i'm just saying.

if not, i hope you'll come back and see what i've been warning everyone about!

10:07 PM  
Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I am very much looking forward to your upcoming posts.

I stopped watching The State of the Union Address back around '03. I just can not stand to hear the man talk anymore. Let alone hear people actually applaud it!

I am almost tempted to go watch it at my boyfriend's house though. See he got a DVR and one of the features is that you can throw animated tomatoes or pies at whatever is on the screen. I still don't think I could stand to hear that stupid bastard talk and a bunch of dumbasses appluad him though.

12:37 AM  
Blogger A Family's Year of Living Green said...

Pretty sure most of your comments will be "Amen Sister," rather than the I hate you, you dirty Liberal scum bag. And the beautiful thing about it all is that we didn't have to do anything...George Bush was great at screwing his party hard and pissing off the country all on his own. We for sure need our Hillary shirts soon!

10:35 AM  
Blogger A Family's Year of Living Green said...

Oh and I did start yet another blog because I can't say what I feel on the other ones. I'm an addict, so what?
I think this one is the one you'll actually want to read. the others are more public service announcements.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Just Another Girl said...

I have to say, I am not a HUGE fan of Bush, have a really limited idea what constitutes a democrat or a republican - yes I know one is conservative, one is liberal - but frankly, I feel that no one is completely right or left, so have your say, sista lou!

Also, even though I do like the right to vote and all that good feminist stuff, I am NOT feeling the whole, Hillary for Pres., thing.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Pete said...

acctually i would like a run down of the levithan! i bet that would be a good post.

5:50 PM  
Blogger D.B. Echo said...

I was in college when the movie Leviathan (a monster-on-an-undersea-base rip-off-in-production of the movies Deep Star Six and The Abyss) came out. The tagline we made up for in the Philosophy department was "You've read the book, now see the movie!"

Tiffany, you may not be Queen of the World, but you are Queen of this Blog. You have every right to say and do whatever you want here, and you don't owe anybody a warning or an apology!

By the way, your Sitemeter now appears to be completely broken. Have you been doing something with it, or your blog's template, the past few days?

8:47 PM  

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