Tuesday, March 13, 2007

biding time

hello, internet!
i was thinking about writing a post about ann coulter tonight, along with various other things that i find undesirable, but i got sidetracked.
looking back, i have zero idea what i was doing instead. i only know that it is 3:20am, and i haven't done anything.
at any rate, i'm going to have to put that off until tomorrow, as it's far too late to think in too much detail.

in the meantime, there is a little business that needs to be taken care of.
some of you may have noticed that john* made a little appearance in the comments of my last post, in which he questioned the veracity of my narrative reconstruction of the previous night's events.

(no, i have no idea why i just started writing that way for a second. but, it seems to be over now. thank god.)

anyway, in the interest of absolute truth, i thought i would share the i-chat we had over our computers tonight, in which the discrepancies were discussed.

~as you join our heroine, she is badgering her boyfriend to read her damn blog already~

tiffany: are you going to read it know?
tiffany: now
tiffany: i hate it when i do that
john: know
tiffany: no?
john: no
tiffany: go their!
tiffany: they're
tiffany: haha. i think i'm funny
john: yes you do
tiffany: i think it's a good thing. if the whole world is destroyed and i have to hang out by myself for the rest of forever, it will be all good, because i can entertain myself.

computer chat silence ensues for about 10 minutes

john: that sounds fun
tiffany: it would be more fun than i-chatting with you, slow-ass.
john: i was reading your blog, bosy
tiffany: what is a 'bosy'?
john: bossy
tiffany: ha
tiffany: so did you likey it?
john: it was innacurate and i left a comment to that effect
tiffany: what!!!???
tiffany: it was not...i wrote it down! right when it happened!

~i go to my blog and read john's comment~

john:a few parts were not as i remember
tiffany: haha...your comment is funny.
tiffany: and i did call you a dickhole. but you're right, i did say 'rotting roadkill' and i didn't post it that way because i was trying to protect the internet
john: okay
tiffany: i struggled with that...
tiffany: but then i thought...
tiffany: does the internet need to know that my boones smell THAT bad?
tiffany: but now you've outed me.
john: it's funny as rotting roadkill
john: funnier
tiffany: dickhole
john: that's what i'm here for
tiffany: ah...i was wondering what the point of you was.

*you might have also noticed that john comments as 'batman,' even though i use his real name on here all the time. i think he has a superhero problem of some kind.


Blogger Aimeepalooza said...

Can I work evening? I can do both but morning nobody wants to watch lil man for me.

10:40 AM  
Blogger stewchang said...

"computer chat silence ensues for about 10 minutes" <- I'm glad someone else has noticed this awkward little phenomenon. Used to be that decorum would compel you to say "brb" or something like that. But now common practice is just to leave off in the middle of the conversation. Well, I for one oppose it.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Aimeepalooza said...

you said dickhole. I like that word its funny.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Jen!! said...

it's called a "superhero complex" i think. anyway, batman is a good choice if you're gonna pick a superhero. and having a superhero complex is a good choice if you're gonna have a psychological disorder.

"boones"!? wtf? that's awesome.

uhm, i haven't tootied in front of my bf yet, but we've only been dating for a few months. but i never will because i don't make toots. i'm a girl.

also, i love chatting and i love reading chatlogs. i am funniest when chatting. i think.

2:52 PM  
Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...

LOL! Great conversation!

"i think he has a superhero problem of some kind."

Don't most men?

4:16 PM  
Anonymous PWT said...

Dude. You are in SO MUCH trouble. I had a very important meeting with someone today. Unfortunately for me, I read your blog post immediately before said meeting. All I can say is, Mr. Boone probably thought I had tourette's when introduced to him. No, I am not kidding. Dead. Serious.

BTW, this is PWT. Your damned blog wouldnt let me post any other way! Hmmpf!

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Nic said...

I just want to say that I very much love your "Because I Say So" rant and I 100% agree with your policy and the reasons behind your policy. Cheers!

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Wayne Jesus Gretzky said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh i thought that was actually the real batman commenting your blogs.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Riana said...

It made me hahaha...


2:32 AM  

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