Saturday, October 12, 2013

about a girl.

once upon a time, not really a very long time ago, but relatively speaking a sort of long time ago, whatever, the point is that once upon a time there was a girl, and the girl had a best friend. the girl and her best friend did everything together: lived together, went to school together, worked together, watched mediocre romantic comedies together, danced (poorly, for the most part) together, and laughed and cried together. they grew up together. one day the girl woke up and was going about her normal day business when: OUCH! there was a knife in her back. and her best friend was holding the handle. the wound was quite large and the girl was bleeding so much that her heart slipped right out along with the blood. it shattered into many pieces at her feet. she picked it up and hid it in her pocket, because having a broken heart sucks, but it's worse to have a broken heart that everyone knows about. so the girl kept the pieces of her heart in her pocket for a long, long while. she did not want anyone to see. she did not want anyone to know that she felt the words "sad" and "mad." and the girl stopped doing the thing she loved most, writing, because she was afraid the sad and the mad would leak into her words somehow and then everyone would know that she was hurt. and she wanted very much to not be hurt. but, she was hurt. so one day, very recently, the girl took the pieces of her heart out of her pocket and began to tape it back together. first with a piece of tape that proudly bore the word "sad," and then with a second piece of tape that said "mad." and the girl's heart began to beat again, but it was very faint. it still felt very fragile, like it might fall apart again at any second. so the girl began to wrap more tape around her heart, this time pieces with the words "faith," "hope," and "love." and her heart starting beating as loud as it wanted and she wasn't ashamed. "sad," "mad," and too fucking bad if you think it makes her weak because she also has "faith," "hope," and so much "love." and, the girl? she WILL live happily ever after. bank on it.


Blogger Aimee said...

Sometimes getting it out is the best way. And you'd be surprised, most of us have had broken hearts and knives in backs. So rather than think you are weak, we will completely understand.

8:42 AM  
Blogger Jen!! said...

I am banking on it.

9:54 PM  

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