Monday, November 21, 2005

coming attractions

i wish i had something exciting to tell you right now.
but, i don't.
however, on tuesday, i am going to park city to spend thanksgiving with selected family members.
this isn't in-and-of-its-self all that exciting, of course.

but allow me to tantalize you with this fact--there will be people there with digital cameras!

i may take pictures and sit in front of the computer long enough to figure out how to post them in my blog!

it's all very exciting, really.

so, stay tuned.

unless you're expecting me to be all goddess-like-beautiful.
then you should probably go away now.
unless you like red-hair, then stay.
keep reading.
you shall be rewarded.
as soon as i figure out the camera thing.

also, if you like mountains-stay tuned as well. many mountain pictures are sure to appear.

you never emailed me the picture of carrie.
or your address.
you can tell tracy's sister's cousin that i don't even want your address anymore.
except, if you want your birthday/care package/christmas present, it would be in your best interest to go ahead and send it, anyway.
i'll be waiting by the nacho cart.


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