Friday, November 25, 2005

In Which A Lot of Food is Eaten and A Lot of Laying Around Occurs

I begin this entry with an apology to the frillions of people--ok, the 3 people--who were expecting this post last night. Please refer to the title for my excuse. Food was eaten, drinks were dranken, and many butts were unable or unwilling to move themselves off the couch.
The couch is is very comfortable.

See? You wouldn't want to get up, either.

Apparently some people think the floor looks mighty comfortable, as well.

So, anyway.
Once upon a time on Tuesday two of my little sisters and I came to visit family in Park City, Utah.

This is Park City.
Isn't it pretty?

This is me and two of my little sisters, Ryan and Amber.* I'm the one with the un-washed red hair, Ryan is the one with the kind-of spikey blondish hair, and Amber is the wee-little one in front. Also pictured are our Papa, our Aunt Mary, and our cousins Jennifer and Emily.
Please feel free to take a moment to appreciate our over-whelming prettiness.
*Other sister, Jillian, is not pictured. She thinks she is too pretty for Park City.

In Park City there are many other family members as well, and we all stay at this really fabulous house thanks to Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom.

Here's the whole family in front of the fireplace.

Are you going blind from all the prettiness?

Still, while it may look like there are a lot of people here--some very important family members are missing because they allegedly decided that it is more fun to be in Florida for Thanksgiving than Park City.
Barbara? Aunt Margaret*? Are you out there?

*We would like to take this opportunity to thank Aunt Margaret for sending us some fabulous shortbread cookies and fudge. They were no replacement for your company, of course. But they were damn good. In fact, I seem to recall a fight or two breaking out over the fudge.

Tim and Emily are caught in a brutal fudge-related battle.
Things can get pretty ugly around here, people. It's not all wine drinking and couch sitting.

That's all for now.
But stay tuned for a re-telling of the epic Scattergories* battle of the century.

*Hey Rumplebutt, have some cheese dip.


Anonymous Amanda ladi said...

i am LMAO right now!! this is great!!! it makes me feel as tho i am almost there!!
your pictures are awesome!! what a handsome bunch you all are!! i was almost blinded by all the good looking-ness...
did ya'll save me some fudge??????????????????????? shortbread?????????????? can we give margaret my address so she can start shipping orders here???
AHHHHHHHHHH.... glad to see ya'll finally got some snow up there too 'eh????

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Rumplebutt said...

Hey, I'm anxiously awaiting to hear about the epic Scattergories battle. BRING IT ON!!!

4:41 AM  

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