Thursday, December 22, 2005

Finals, Finally: An Update

Grades are in.

I got 4 A's, and 2 B+'s.

I know that's good, but I kind-of feel like if only I had studied for, like, 20 more minutes I would have gotten all A's. Damnit.

The sad part is, I've gotten a 3.7 or better for the past 5 semesters, and I just graduated with a 2.9 cumulative GPA.

You may wonder amongst yourselves exactly how dumb I used to be, that I allowed myself to get such a piss-poor GPA that 5 semesters of 3.7's couldn't fix it.

But I shall not speak of it.
Oh, no--I shan't.
Because that's a good story that can make up a blog some other day when I again have nothing to write about.

The end.
For real, people.
My undergraduate career is over.

I'm officially a smart bartender now.
Go me.


Jinx said...

I finished last May, and the degree has done me very little good whatsoever. Are you planning on grad school, then? EMU, or someplace else?

I still catch myself trying to remember if I have any homework on the weekends.

For the record, this town needs more smart bartenders.

Pete said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pete said...

the thing with realizing that you're a smart bartender is that you start to realize how you are wasteing time bartending.

also you were either smart or not before. just now you're institutionally smart.

tiffany said...

umm...i didn't delete any comments. so, i don't really know what that 'comment deleted' thing is doing their. apparently the blog-monster is snacking on my blog again.
it's mighty tastey, i hear.

tiffany said...

i mean, there. not their. i think i ate too many cookies today.
my brain is in a sugar haze.

Pete said...

i deleted it because of grammer and spelling. when my eyes are only half open and my fingers don't respond well i make more mistakes.

RYAN said...

I got 4 teeth pulled today.


Ryan said...