Tuesday, December 06, 2005

oh, fuck.

I just spent an hour writing a very humorous--I thought--blog about how to survive a family holiday.
Included were very funny descriptions of stupid things that are said when people are playing Scattergories and Catch-phrase.
The blog even included links to stuff.
Links, people!
In other words, things which are not easy for me to do, or whatever.

I can't go into detail, because I'm still so upset.
All I can say is that my blog must have been damn good, because Blogger ate it right before I hit 'post.'

It no longer exists, except as a hateful memory of a time when I sat at my computer for an hour for absolutely no reason. Also known as, right now.
If I were the Queen of the World, this totally wouldn't be happening.

I'm now going on strike.
At least until tomorrow.

A small part of me is actually hoping that blogger will get drunk on all the juicy goodness of my piece, and get hung-over, and throw it up, right back into my drafts.

please, blogger?


Blogger Pete said...

I do mine in word. Then copy/paste into blogger. Too many similar experiences.

plus it seems to have snacked on my responce to your last post and it didn't regurgitate that either.

3:05 PM  

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