Monday, January 23, 2006


i am now enjoing a chocolate cookie, because tomorrow...

south beach diet-ification begins.

this is the only sure-fire way i know to lose weight quickly. and don't say that i'll just gain it back, because last time i did south beach (in july) i lost fourteen pounds, and i didn't gain that back. oh, except the 6 pounds that i mysteriously gained in one day last week--which i'm sure are just some kind of sick joke, and should be going away at any moment. but even if they are for-real-here-to-stay pounds, than i think it is still pretty good that they stayed away for 6 months.

but, the times? they are a'changin. fourteen (or 8, depending) pounds is no longer considered acceptable pound lossage in tiffany world, because i will be going to key west in four and a half weeks. and, key west? is sooooo much more fun when you can actually put on a bathing suit without vomitting all over yourself.

and so, south beach diet-ification begins.
it won't be easy, but it's not all that terrible either.

and it should provide many stories worthy of ramble-icious bloggings.
and, really?
what's more important than that?


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