Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Week in the Life: A Study in Mundane-ness

Thursday, January 12: Wake up at 11 am, because for some reason I am not over New Year’s in Vegas jet lag. Drag lazy self out of bed and work out for 30 minutes. Sit down for a while. Take a shower. Go to official second day of graduate school. Decide that I hate graduate school very much and also wonder how I will manage to read 35 novels—among other things—in the next 12 weeks. Want to cry. Instead, come home and watch ER. ER is good. Try to go to sleep, but then the unresolved jet lag thing again. Think about posting some sort of blog, but just end up looking at stuff on Ebay for an embarrassingly long amount of time. Finally fall asleep at 4am.

Friday, January 13: Wake up at 8am, to work out. Laugh at alarm clock and go back to sleep. Wake up again at 8:45 to take a shower. Go to work. It is very, very busy at work and a lady is rude to me. But then I am rude to her back, so Ha! And then my boss thinks it is funny that I was rude to her, so ha again! After work, go out to dinner and bar with friends, because one friend is moving to Prague next week, which sucks. Dinner is fun, but the bar is funner. My roommate is very drunk and funny. We take 87 thousand pictures of ourselves on my friend’s digital camera. Proceed to leave roommate at the bar, drunk, and go to see my boyfriend.*
*In my defense, I did put someone in charge of her drunk self before I left. And it was a hot guy, so I think that deserves at least a few good-looking-out points.

Saturday, January 14: I won’t lie—I woke up at noon. Then I came home, ate McDonald’s (gross, I know), and went back to sleep for another hour. Because sleep is my friend. Wake up again. Work out. Shower. Go to work. Suck, suck, and suck, until 3am when working is over. C4ome home. Think about writing something on blog, but instead search for a condo to stay in when I go to Key West next month. Finally go to sleep at 5am.

Sunday, January 15: Wake up at 10 am, hating life very much indeed. But cannot go back to sleep, because I have somehow gained 8 pounds since I went to bed (what the fuck?), so I need to work out, and then I have to go to the grocery store and prepare some sort of food item to take to my mom’s birthday party. Which is today, at 4pm. So, work out, shower, shop, and prepare food, blah blah blah. Go to brother’s house for birthday party. It is fun, mostly because I have 3 little nieces and 1 nephew who are funnier than Chris Rock and Robin Williams put together, I swear. Party ends. Get home at 1am, and watch tape I recorded of Desperate Housewives and Gray’s Anatomy. Because I have desires too, people. And, sadly, they include bad television.

Monday, January 16: Wake up at 11 am. Because it is a double holiday—Martin Luther King Day, and the Golden Globes. Very exciting. Work out, go tanning, and clean apartment so that friends are not disgusted when they come over to watch the Golden Globe Awards. Friends come over. We drink champagne. We eat snacks. We cry when Reese Witherspoon wins, because we LOVE HER! And we really have been meaning to see that movie, too. Golden Globes end, friends leave, I attempt to begin a weeks worth of homework at 11:30pm. Which explains why I am still awake at 4am.

Tuesday, January 17: My first class isn’t until 3:30pm, but before class I have to go to work and make next week’s schedule. Because I am important like that, as far as you know. So, wake up at 10am. Work out. Shower and whatnot. Go to work. Perform intricate schedule-ification of servers and bartenders. Rush to class. Sit in the same stupid brick-walled room for 6 hours. Finally escape to the bar, for the my-friend-is-moving-to-Prague-party, v.II. Which wasn’t quite as much fun as v.I, but which was still enjoyable. Then go back to the bar where I work and chat (and eat pizza) with my friend until 5am. Which explains why…

Wednesday, January 18: I should actually get credit for waking up at 11am. Go tanning (early Key West preparation). Visit with broken-armed mother for a while. Go to bookstore and spend 13 gazillion dollars on books which I am expected to read in the next 11 weeks. Return home. Work out for 55 minutes (an improvement) and then sit in front of computer, reading and writing, for 7 hours. Try to go to bed, but cannot, due to everlasting jet lag and snoring boyfriend. Final fall asleep time? 5:30am.

Thursday, January 19: Wake up 9am. Do not want to wake up, but do anyway, because I must go to work and then go to school. Day isn’t looking so promising, but that’s life. Shower. Work. Not so bad. Go to school, also not so bad. Get home from school at 9pm, and roommate has made dinner for me. Life is good. Prepare to watch ER, but it turns out to be a rerun. Consider this a golden opportunity to get started on reading for next week. Instead, decide that I really most post some kind of new blog entry, no matter how stupid it is.


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