Friday, April 21, 2006

What My Sister Saw

So, yesterday my little sister was on her way to a final exam, when she encountered a curious man.

The man was apparently holding some very huge sign with a picture of an aborted fetus on it.* He was also yelling at passers-by, as if these young ladies were on their way into an abortion clinic, as opposed to on their way to take final exams.

This man pissed my sister off very much, indeed.
Her little skinny self yelled at him as she walked by, and apparently he yelled back and was eventually carted away by some police.

It should be noted that my sister is a very tiny and small skinny little person, who has no business yelling at people, even if they are harassing her with pictures of aborted fetuses on her way into school. She also has no business speeding up to 95 miles an hour on the highway to catch up to people with GWB bumper stickers on their cars, in order to flick them off or yell at them in some way.
I, personally, do not think this is a good idea.
She is not a substantially sized individual.
Are you listening, Baby J?
If you are mad about something, try getting a blog like me. Then you can call people out from behind the relative safety of your own computer desk. You can even watch the first Red Wings Play-off game while you do it!

Anyhow, after all that, can you believe that I haven't even gotten to the curious part yet? To me, the curious thing in this situation is that the man with the sign was wearing a shirt that said "Got Aids Yet?" And, the 'g', the 'a', and the 'y' were all bigger letters, printed in different colors than the others.
So, I don't know about you, but, to me?
A man who is standing on the street with a dead fetus on a sign, yelling at students about how they need to accept the Lord into their lives while wearing a shirt like that?
Isn't really someone we should accept The Word Of God from.

Because, I can be down with the initial act of carting around the aborted fetus sign to begin with. I don't enjoy it, but it is, in fact, the curious man's right to do so. One could even argue that it's a good tactic--even the most pro-choice pro-choicers can't look at a picture like that without getting an icky feeling. This doesn't speak to the fact that he was protesting to people who DISTINCTLY WERE NOT ON THEIR WAY TO GET AN ABORTION...but, in light of what I'm going to tell you next, we'll just leave that alone.

Later, when I was telling this story to someone on my campus--clear across the state from where my sister goes to school--I found out that the same thing had been going on at my school. And the men were wearing the same t-shirts. So, apparently there is some sort of club of heinous t-shirt wearers developing.

I decided to investigate.

I now come back to you with a very grim report.

The buzz around town--little is documented of course--is that there is some sort of sect of Pentecostal** flavored people following the ideas of some guy who is calling himself a prophet.
Apparently, This guy thinks he's doing God's work.
If you go ahead and click that link, you will be able to see this "prophet's" ideas/decrees on homosexuals--although, on this particular "prophet's" page, they're referred to as "faggots." So, that's enjoyable.

The rumor is that he is the one that has these people running all over the state in the above-mentioned heinous t-shirts.

Really, you should take some time to check out his ideas. They are very intriguing.
For instance, I had no idea that "for reasons known only to God, He has for centuries ALOUD humans to murder babies by abortions."
I also had no idea that The Word of God does not distinguish between homophones.
Also, apparently, if you subscribe to the vision of this particular prophet, you don't have to use violence to save babies from being aborted unless one of its parents is also Pentecostal. However, if the mother is not Pentecostal, but she is pregnant because SHE WAS RAPED BY A MAN WHO IS Pentecostal, then you should still use any means necessary to keep her from having an abortion.

Who knew?

I think we should all take a moment of silence to reflect on how lucky we are that this man has come to save us.

Ok, the moment of silence is over, and I have determined that I don't feel lucky at all.

*I am very sorry that I had to say 'aborted fetus' to you. But I couldn't think of any way to tell the story without saying it.

**It makes me quite nervous to name the specific flavor of religion that this "prophet" says he is working from. I am by no means trying to make a judgement on Pentecostal people as a whole. I don't even think I know any Pentecostal people, so I would clearly not be in any position to make a judgement of any kind. I will, however, make a judgement on this particular man. And it's not good.

Also, anyone who wants to leave any sort of comment that includes inappropriate name-calling of any kind--not limited to, but especially including the word 'fag'--can expect to have their comment deleted faster than they can spell the word 'c-u-n-t.'
Because this is my blog, bitches.


Anonymous the mama said...

yes, let us all, for a moment, bow our heads in sadness. After that we can only hope the person with the sign will someday find a better way to serve humanity. One way, may I suggest, would be to get a real job. If he doesnt like or approve of a particular choice than he can make a different choice for himself. Simple!

11:37 PM  
Blogger David said...

It saddens me that people like this man exists. I think that it suggests massive failings in our societies mental health programs.

I'd like to say that as a Christian I do not condon the tatics of many of the "pro-life" people. In fact it scares the hell out of me the lengths these people will go to.

The AIDS comments do anger me a lot. What the hell does this prophet know about HIV/AIDS. The people who are being hit hardest by HIV/AIDS are the people of Africa. Particularly the poor who cannot afford treatment. There are many women who are infected due to the infidelity of their husbands. Too many children infected from their mothers during birth even though that is 99% preventable.

If God wanted to judge people for their sin right now He could quite simply just strike down every sinner with a personalised lightening bolt. It would include me. Jesus taught us to judge not least we be judged.

HIV/AIDS is not God's judgement on gays. I doubt that God would condon the actions of some of these pro-lifer's.

God loves people with AIDS, he loves gays.

12:34 AM  
Blogger tiffany said...

and i love david!

1:58 AM  
Blogger Lori said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

OUCH! All incorrect facts aside, I have to say, "Look, buddy [the curious guy, not Tiffany, just to clarify], if you have something to say, at least please use correct grammar/wording/sentence structure, so that people trying to read your site don't get a MIGRAINE just trying to read the first point." I amazed, Tiffany, that you were able to read it to the end and figure out all of those points!!!!

Unfortunately, I've got to say that this is an example of the negative side to free speech of and free access to the internet.

10:50 PM  
Blogger the liberal samurai said...

While I empathize with your concern for you sister's well being; I can't help but feel satisfied that she put that Christo Facist Zombie in his place by yelling at him. They've been bullying regular folks too long for too long with their brand of religion and its long past time for those of us with level heads to bully back. Your sis might be wise to get her own anti GW sticker for her car, works far better than speeding up to flip off other drivers.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Amber said...

Too many times the people who claim to represent God and his wishes behave in a way in which I believe God would abhore. There is no valid reason that my eyes should have to bear witness to the repugnant apparel these morons put on their bodies every morning. While I believe in the freedom of speech and would never advocate that liberty being restricted--I can say that I am thoroughly disgusted by what happened to the peanut. She is a slight thing and could have been endangering herself, but if for some reason the religious zealot chose to touch or acost peanut in any way she could have had his ass arrested and maybe (just maybe) save a few Western students from having to deal with this moron.
*Peanut* you cannot go around flipping off people on the highway--they may have guns etc. and no one wants to see you get hurt. Your opinions are valid and important so get them out there in a more productive way. Flipping someone off on the highway does not make you look any more intelligent, well-spoken, or informed it only brings you down to their level-confirming their beliefs that people who feel the way you do are juvenile and afraid. On top of all that--I agree with your sister--It is dangerous!

2:35 PM  

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