Friday, June 16, 2006

part II, which took so long that it is now it's own entry.

i now present to you ridiculous pictures of me from my senior year in high school, in memoriam of my youth, which apparently officially began to end exactly 10 years ago wednesday, when i graduated high school.

this was one of my senior pictures. the one that went in the year book was exactly like this, except i was smiling. i would have put that one on here, but it only exists as an 8x10 sitting in a frame on top of the piano at my parent's house, and my mother refused to give it up. so, you got this one instead.

right after i got my senior pictures taken, i cut all my hair off. i can now admit that i did this mostly because i saw the first episode of 'my so called life,' and i felt that my life could not possibly be worth living unless i could be as much like claire danes as humanly possible. anyhow, here is a picture of me with my very short hair, washing my 'nova blue' chevy nova.

this is me and the infamous jobi. jobi was my most consistent friend throughout the entirety of my k-12 schooling. jobi now lives in california, and is about to have a baby. i miss her. and i also wonder if she remembers that in 3rd grade we promised to name our babies after each other.

this is me with my soccer team. they are giving me flowers because it was my birthday. i was turning 18. all hell broke loose after that, because i was all wait, i'm 18. no one is the boss of me!


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