Friday, June 02, 2006

attack of the seven foot strep monster

last night, at about nine, my throat started to hurt.
by eleven, i knew something was terribly wrong; i couldn't swallow and i felt like someone had put an expander in my left ear and was trying to make my ear canal bigger--like, big enough for a car to drive through, or something.

i refused to believe that i was sick.
i thought, 'allergies? it must be allergies.'
actually, my roommate suggested that idea, and it seemed like a damn fine idea to me, even though allergies have never made my throat hurt before.

anyway, i took a half dose of tylenol simply sleep and went to bed, trying to think positive thoughts about feeling better in the morning.

it didn't work.
i woke up thinking that my neck and my left ear would actually be bigger than the rest of my head, if i looked in the mirror.
of course, that wasn't the case. but it sure did feel that way.

so i went to the doctor, and as it turns out i have some kind of raging ear infection, and he said he was pretty sure i had strep throat, even though the culture hadn't come back yet.

to which i say--strep throat? are you allowed to get that after the age of ten?

seriously, i think i have filled the strep throat quota for me and at least 10 other people. when i was nine, i caught a strep throat that didn't go away for nine whole months. eventually, they decided to take my tonsils out. they promised i would never get strep throat again.
they lied.

that nine months was especially terrible, because i never got used to the Long Qtip Throat Swabber of Death. I cried about it every simgle damn time i went to the doctor. they used to have to physically hold me down.

as it turns out, i'm still not so good with the throat swabbing.

anyhow, i'm starting to feel like i'm going to fall out of my computer chair, so i better go.

hope everyone enjoys their friday night, i'm going to lay down and die now.


Blogger dferd said...

The Long QTip Swabber of Death, huh? Sounds fierce. Drink tons of water. I know, it IS gross. But do it anyway. :)

5:26 PM  
Blogger Pete said...

i'm a gagger. you pretty much can't even use a tounge depresser on my without me gagging. imagine when they are acctually trying to hit the back of my throat. it's not a good time.

10:19 AM  

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