Wednesday, May 24, 2006

since i've been gone: a random list of things i've been doing/thinking instead of blogging lately

1. i've nearly had a stroke about 23 times, watching the pistons. yeah, i'm a play-off whore. at least i'm not ashamed to admit it.
i don't think i watched a single basketball game in the entire regular season--i did go to one game...but i don't remember being there. at all. damn that party bus.
anyhow, i do usually have some idea what's going on with the detroit sports teams, because i work in a sports bar, and also because my roommate talks about sports a lot and i sometimes listen to her.
but that's the extent of my knowledge/interest during the regular season.

but, come play-off time?
i'm not missing a game.
and that's when the near-strokes begin.

i would also like to take this opportunity to point out that there is one kind of sports fan that is worse than the play-off whore: the angry fan-guy.

i just think it's totally uncool when people start bitching their own team out, when they don't win.

while i was bartending the other day, i heard a guy say you better sit the fuck down, you ain't got nothin' on chauncey billups and chauncey, you suck, you worthless sack of shit in the same 40 seconds.

so, yeah.
i hereby proclaim that that guy sucks more than i do.

2. i remembered that i took pictures on my birthday.

i now present to you the unbearable adorableness of my nieces and nephew.

i hope you didn't go blind from the cuteness, because i wouldn't want you to miss this picture...

yeah, my nephew is so freaking adorable, he's lucky i haven't gobbled him up yet. so far i've let him slide, and i try to appease myself with showering those sweet cheeks with kisses. kisses which are gross and yucky. kisses which he wipes off his face as quick as he can. which only makes me do it again. and i'm bigger than him, so i usually win.

i would also like to point out that this young man isn't that bad looking, either.

i didn't just hang out with children on my birthday!
oh, no.
i also hung out with my roommate, who danced around quite a bit.

we also tried to make sexy faces...

...but most people agree that we just look mad.

apparently, john and i can also make serious faces.

anyhow, don't worry, there will be no more pictures for a while.
i seem to have lost my camera charger this night.
that event, however, is unpictured.

3. i sat in my computer chair and thought about cleaning my room a lot, but i never really did it.

4. i sat in my computer chair and thought about working out a lot, but i never really did that either.

5. i got a new credit card!

6. which isn't the reason that we're going back to key west in 35 days. but, we totally are going back to keyt west in 35 days. are you excited? remember all those really fun blogs i wrote after my last trip--the ones that made no sense to anyone other than my roommate and my sister and i? now you have more of those to look forward to, while i look forward to palm trees and drunkeness.
yay for palm trees and drunkeness!

7. our apartment complex people figured out that they did, in fact, have our rent for the month of may. which is good, because i really didn't want to have to burn their office down.
i'm just kidding about that, of course.
i'm totally afraid of lighters and matches, so i would have had to do something else entirely.

8. i hurt my neck yesterday, and now it hurts to turn to the left. bad.

9. i learned that, when you hang out in my circle of friends, the word 'summer' is really just an abbreviation for the larger concept 'you will have a hangover every morning, and you will never sleep again until september.' which is why i'm going to go to bed right now, at this lovely decent time of 1:05 am, when i haven't ingested a single miniscule droplet of alcohol. it may be the last chance i get for a while.


Anonymous Bermuda Mohawk said...

I think after reading your blog I'll need more than a droplet of alcohol.

And stupid basketball, why am I watching this game again when I could be watching hockey?

10:23 AM  
Blogger tiffany said...

now my blog is driving people to drunkeness?

*she looks around mischeviously...her plan is finally working*

11:34 AM  
Blogger dferd said...

Uh..I didnt even know it was basketball season. Go figure.

11:56 PM  
Blogger amandaladi said...

happy (belated) birthday...
we left a voice mail... or was it a text message?

i still have your shoes in my car....

ryan has pink hair... it's pretty cool...

amber was in a play a couple of weeks ago......she does not have pink hair.....

we miss you.....

10:44 AM  
Anonymous RYAN said...

I walked into English the other day and this was on the board.
(I guess you have to copy and paste the link because it's not letting me post the picture in a comment..)

...So, I took a picture.

4:16 PM  
Blogger tiffany said...

i want to see your pink hair.

4:42 PM  
Anonymous ryan said...


6:17 PM  

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