Saturday, May 27, 2006

fuck taco bell

so, i know that eating fast food is the devil. I KNOW!!!
but, you know, sometimes you have to do it anyway.
when i have to eat fast food, i usually go for taco bell, because i feel like having a burrito and a coke is better than having a huge order of fries and a burger and the bun and all that.

i'm quite good with the rationalizing and all.


i've now decided that i hate taco bell.
this is an issue that's been growing on me for a while now, but today was the last straw.

here i was, watching laguna beach reruns, comtemplating the fatness of my ass, and trying to enjoy a burrito from taco bell. as i made my way through said burrito, i kept thinking wow, this burrito sure would be tasty if they had remembered to put sour cream on it. then i got to the last bite, and i found the sour cream. one huge clump of sour cream, wrapped in tortilla, with no other burrito goodness--and by burrito goodness, i mean grade d taco bell meat--mixed in.
i mean, i love sour cream. i've been known to eat it on some rather odd combinations of food.
i have never, however, had the desire to eat a huge glop of sour cream in a tortilla with nothing else mixed in.

my sister has noticed this problem as well.
when she goes to taco bell, she specifically for a burrito supreme with the sour cream spread throughout.
she says they always ask, confusedly, you want the sour cream spread throughout?to which she says, yes. still, no matter how nicely she asks, the sour cream is never spread throughout.

it must be some sort of conspiracy.

anyway, i'm starting a new diet on wednesday, so i guess now is a good time to get pissed at the evil taco bell empire.

i think this diet does look rather silly, but i'm going to do it anyway because the jens--my roommate and my boss' wife--are going to do it, and it's always easier to stick to a diet when your friends are doing it too.

be expecting plenty of bitchy dieting posts to appear.
maybe jen will even do a guest bitchy dieting post appearance!

anyway, i have to go to work now.
go pistons!!!


Blogger dferd said...

I used to get the grilled stuffed burrito from Taco Hell all the time when I was into eating 682 thousand calories a day. Hey, somtimes a girls just gotta have a side of beef, right? lol Anyhoo, they would always leave the sauce at the END of the burrito. Bastards. Anyway, you might want to check out Jenny Craig if you can afford it. Thats how I lost my weight. The food is good and although its a bit pricey, definitely worth it. :)

1:54 PM  

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