Tuesday, July 04, 2006

in which i tell you how stupid i am. again.

here i am in key west, my mostiest favoritest place on the planet.

i cannot provide you with humorous pictoral evidence of this fact.
because i forgot to bring that thinger that connects the camera to the computer.

oh, and we also forget the wireless card for the laptop, which means i am currently paying eleventy hundred dollars a minute to use this computer. and this place doesn't even serve alcohol.

damn, i love you people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so, as tiffany feels it neccesary to post on her blog whilst on a most happy and workless vacation, i feel that it is only appropriate that i post from the basement of the arena while on the clock. A fitting counterpoint, don't you think? Currently, i am in my 7th hour of doing very little... i made some food earlier, talked to some drunks, kept a certain server who shall not be named till midnight simply to spite her desire to leave, and am currently avoiding a bar patron who seems to get creepier and more annoying as the days (read: moments) pass. To my credit- i'd hate to come acrossed as lazy- we have been quite slow, and my lack of things to do is more a function of the traffic rather than my lack of ambition. The dire lack of ambition isn't helping Gordon's inventory into the computer however... In any event, i am currently not enjoying key west, and feel that you all should be privy to my agony in ann arbor.

1:18 AM  
Blogger tiffany said...

i love you anonymous.
don't think i don't recognize that wit.

4:58 PM  

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