Friday, June 16, 2006

years go by, indeed.

so, you scan some pictures onto your blog as part of a celebration (?) of the 10th anniversary of your high school graduation. you look through lots of photos, and giggle at yourself, and maybe almost cry a few times. but then you just make yourself a cocktail, instead.

you might have even spent the better part of two hours looking through a huge box of notes that people used to pass to you in the hallways. because, yes, you are a dork, and you kept them. in a victoria's secret box, no less.

all in all, it turned out to be a fun little adventure--and one that may provide a lot of useful blogging fodder, because you also found a lot of poems that you used to write. poems that are so ridiculous that it really wouldn't be fair to keep them from the world--kind of like that american flag picture you might see if you scroll down this page a bit.

then at some point during the night, sitting amongst of mountain of old photos of a much younger you, you remember when you went to the bar with your younger sister last week and two completely separate individuals assumed that you were, in fact, the younger sister. which you are not. by six whole years.

this is the younger sister.

anyway, you're sitting there looking at all the pictures and thinking proudly to yourself hey, i can't look that bad, if people are thinking that i might be younger than her...
so, you get the 'great' idea to go take a picture of yourself, as sort of a compare and contrast experiment to go with all your old pictures.
and this is what happens.

you can't even take the picture without unwittingly giving yourself a disgusted look in the camera view-finder-thing.

and you start to think that maybe the lesson of this entire 10 year anniversary celebration is that you are now too old to walk around with no make-up on your face, even if you are in your own room at 1am.

also on your mind: when the fuck did your hair get so blonde? but, that can be easily changed.


Blogger Pete said...

you know the friends when chandler can't take the engagment pictures. you're like that. you have this frown, that questions why are they waisting your time with a picture. what's the deal.

3:11 PM  
Blogger desiree said...

I kept all my highschool notes too. In a box. I am not ashamed. Maybe a little.

2:05 PM  
Anonymous the mama said...

you are a very funny girl!

3:03 PM  

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