Friday, June 16, 2006

part II, version 2.0--or is it part III now? i don't know. i hate blogger.

so, apparently blogger will only let you post 4 pictures at a time. which is lame, because i am not done embarrassing myself yet.
oh, no.
the best is yet to come.

so, here are the rest of the '10 year reunion which i will not be attending commemoration pictures.'

this was prom. and, yes. my shoes did match my dress. i was hot. deal with it.

this was me at my actual graduation. if you can't tell, that's my graduation cap that i'm holding up. and that's my step sister giving me bunny ears.

okay. now i have to show you a really ridiculous picture, which i can't believe i ever took to begin with. but it's worth nothing if we can't laugh about it now. so...

i mean, do we really need to discuss the ridiculousness of this photo? i mean, hula hoops? the flag?

was i on drugs?

i can't think about it anymore.

and finally...

alright, this one was taken at the end of my junior year.
i just wanted to prove that powder blue nova and horrifying hula-hoop-and-american-flag picture aside--i'm still a princess.


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