Saturday, June 24, 2006

the drunks will come out tomorrow

back in february, the bar that i work at sponsored a trip to a pistons game. we took 4 luxury limo/bus things full of bar regulars--and employees--down to the palace for a pistons game. on the bus, we had all the beer and jager that could be possibly be consumed, but we accidentally consumed it all and had to stop at the liquor store on the way there. the palace is only about an hour and 15 minutes from Ann arbor. But, you know, we were thirsty, i guess.

i would have told you all about how much fun we had at on this trip, except i don't remember it.

i would have given you a reconstruction of what happened based on the stories that my friends had to tell. but, they don't remember it either.

in fact, of all the approximately 75 people i have questioned about this matter, at least 65 of them do not remember being at the pistons game at all.

i am forced to confess this to you now, because, tomorrow?
we are taking a similar bus trip to the tigers game. only, this time we are going 3 hours early, so we can tail-gate.

god help us all.

the good news is, i have to open the bar the next morning--so, in theory, i should be remaining at least slightly sober.
which means i may have memories of some really silly happenings to share with you soon.
i hope.


Anonymous the mama said...

So.... any memories? Joey called the next day and said he saw you at work. He talked to the daddy. Do they ever consider going on a bus to the theatre? Tee hee.

9:57 AM  

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