Monday, June 26, 2006

this is not the face of a sober person

i can only be thankful that i was 'smart' enough to have my sunglasses on, even though we were inside, and--oh yeah, it was nighttime.
because i seriously am not interested in seeing what my eyes might have looked like underneath those glasses.

in better news, despite the horridness that is my face in that picture, and any logical assumptions that one might make after looking at it, i do, in fact, remember the entire night.

and i will tell you stories about it, as soon as my friend darick gets off his lazy ass and sends me some of the 146 pictures that he took that night.*

don't worry, i will not be showing you 146 pictures of our drunken-bus-trip-tigers-game extravaganza. i just thought it might be nice to support some of the funnier stories with photographic evidence.

so, yeah. hopefully that's coming soon.
until then, you can have this smooch from me and my girls to tide you over...

*darick, you don't even have to physically get off your ass to do this. point, drag, and click honey.


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