Thursday, July 06, 2006

classic tiffany moment # forty-four thousand eleventy hundred and two

the balcony at rick's, overlooking duval street.

my girls--the constant baby girl, b.j. and i, now complete with the new addition 'hippie sarah with the tits'* are happily pickling our livers into oblivion.
a very tall and large black man in a very pimpish pimp suit walks up to the rail nearby.

pimp suit guy: where my niggas at?**

me: i'm right here.

pimp suit man: ***nearly pees his pants. only that wouldn't be a very pimp-like thing to do, so instead he says to his friend*** this little white girl just said she was my nigga. look how white she is!

***the pimp suit man then proceeded to hit on me, which i let him do for a few minutes because i felt bad for claiming to be his nigga.
then i ran away to do some more shots.***


*hippie sarah with the tits gave herself that nickname, so stop giving me that look.
**it should be noted that this man was most definitely not talking to me when he asked this question.


Blogger dferd said...

Ok, thats hilarious... I think I have the whitest friends in the universe, but we so talk like we're black. Awesome.

11:35 AM  

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