Wednesday, March 30, 2005

i forgot i had a blog. but now that i've remembered, i think i'll write about the crazy elevator dream i had last night.

so, sometimes i have crazy dreams about elevators. generally, i have this dream where i'm staying at a really ritzy hotel in some fabulous and unnamed place, and the hotel happens to be about eleventy billion stories tall. and every time i get in the elevator, i have to be very careful about how i'm dressed because sometimes when the elevator opens i find myself in a different country or something--it's all very strange.

and it's all kind-of beside the point after last night.

last night i had a dream that i got into an elevator in pray-harrold, which if you've read the rest of this blog, you'll recognize as a building i really hate. anyway, i got in the elevator to go down two flights of stairs--presumably because my ankle is sprained and it hurts to use the staircase, otherwise i would obviously use the stairs because my fat ass could use the exercise.

anyway, i get in this elevator and it seems to be going down for a long time, and i start getting worried because, clearly, i'm only trying to go down two floors.
then the elevator starts going down really, really fast and i'm sure something bad is about to happen. my life would definitely be flashing in front of my eyes, except all of the sudden the elevator starts to shoot really fast upwards, and it's not a regular elevator anymore.
in a highly alarming turn of events it has turned into a very small wooden capsule type thing that is frighteningly reminicent of a coffin. and it's flying upwards very quickly. then the doors open a crack and i can see outside, only i wish i couldn't, because i see that my coffin/elevator is flying through hell.

no, really.

actual hell--fire everywhere and general craziness ensuing.
thank goodness the elevator thing is flying upward.
then in the midst of hell i see a man i think i recognize and i try to get his attention to help me, and all the sudden i wake up screaming the name Carl.

only i don't know anyone named carl.
so it's all a little disconcerting.
and i think i don't ever want to get in an elevator again.